Holy Smokes Pump


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Carbon Fiber Construction
OEM spec. 800KV Brushless Motor; 15A ESC,
Input Voltage – 2S-3S Lithium Polymer, 12.6v max
Current draw 300-600mAh
Length- 3.5 inches
Diameter- 1.75 inches
Weight- 1.94 ounces
Separate Power & Signal Leads – 2.4 GHz receiver power requires no auxiliary battery
Adjustable Flow Rate – Throttle to Smoke Mixing

Included in the system you will find the following items to make your system work at peak performance.
Holy Smokes Pump, In-line filter, Two In-line check valves, T-fitting, Rubber mounting grommets/eyelets.
* Uniquely designed Carbon Fiber housing makes for a super strong and easy to mount unit.
* Smallest, Lightest and most efficient pump on the market.
* Pump provides the option to use an auxiliary 2s Lipo/Ion battery. Or if using a high voltage radio power system you can plug directly into your 2.4 GHz receiver for power.
* Works outstandingly with Gasoline, Glow or Turbine engines.
* Easy to install and operate.

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