Donatas Design F3P Spies by FT


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Wingspan: 81cm
Fuselage length: 98 cm
RTF weight: 95-120 gr
Recommended CG: 140 – 145 mm from wing leading edge.

Donatas Design F3P Spies by FT
For 2012/2013 indoor season I team up with my good friend Fabien Turpaud (French F3A team member and 3 times national F3P champion). Level in France in F3P category is extremely hi, so to win Fabien need best possible plane. Donatas Design has released Fabien pattern plane called F3P Spies. This plane is made for modern FAI F3P sequences, specially making sure plane fly perfect on knife edge, and perform F3P-final sequence very easy. F3P Spies prove itself in last two seasons in competitions in France. Spies is two times French champion, also third place winner in FAI competition IITOP (International Indoor Tournament of Paris) 2012.

Kit include hi quality light and thin carbon rods, thin flat carbon for wing leading edge and fuselage sides. Depron part are milled, and hi quality photo printing is done on top of milled surface. So you will have nice looking light airplane without any ugly white milling ” windows”. Kit include right size servo arms set, it will allow you to use your servos with right mechanical setup and achieve maximum precision

Recommended equipment:

AXI2203/52 (Indoor/outdoor flying) with propeller 9×4.7 or 10×4.7 GWS or similar carbon

NP Feather (Indoor competition flying 11,4g) with 9×2.8 – 9×5 carbon propeller


Competition option Castle Creation Taloon 15, budget version CC Thunderbird 9.


120 or 160 mAh 7.4V 30C 2S1P Lipo battery.


3 pcs is required. Hitec 5035 hb on each surface or Digital JR 188 servo for each surface.


At least 4 channel programmable radio with minimum programming of exponential. We would recommend more advanced radio that have travel adjustment, dual rates, trim steps, digital trimmers, mixes, and other useful functions. These will help you to setup your plane faster and to seek for the best results.

Tools and materials required:

Sharp hobby knife, file, 1.5 mm drill, piece of sanding paper, scissors, screwdriver, solder, and Donatas Design beveling tool. Foam friendly CA glue, Sticky tape for control surface attachment, and Kevlar thread.

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