Extreme Flight 110" Yak 54 V2 – Red/White/Blue


טיסן 35% למנועי 120-150 סמ"ק.

המלאי אזל

קטגוריות: , מק"ט: 121RWB



Wingspan: 110"
Length: 102.5"
Wing Area: 2100 Sq. in.
Weight: 28-30 lbs.

Engine Requirements:

Power: 85-120cc (can handle 150cc but overall weight will increase considerably)
Header Drop: 50mm for canister or tuned pipe applications

Radio and Servo Requirements:

Radio: This plane requires:- A modern radio with channel mixing.
Servos: 4 aileron servos, 2 elevators servos, 1-2 rudder servos, throttle servo. (MKS HV777 ailerons, Single MKS HBL380 for elevators/rudder, MKS HV1250 for throttle)

Servo Extension:

Qty. 2 – 48" 20awg extensions for elevators
Qty. 1 – 48" for rear mount rudder servo, none needed if doing pull-pull rudder
Qty. 2 – 36" 20awg for outer aileron servo
Qty. 2 – 12" 20awg for inner aileron servo
Qty. 1 – 24" 20awg for throttle servo
Qty. 4 – 6" 20awg for leaving in Rx for ailerons servo extensions

Extreme Flight designed their first Yak-54 in 2002. Multiple sizes and versions have been produced since then and all were met with overwhelming approval by the RC community worldwide. Now in 2016 after years of testing and refinement, we are very excited to release version 2 of our legendary 110" Yak-54. Version 2 incorporates many new and improved design features including huge EXP style elevators, square carbon wing spars, carbon fuselage longerons for easier handling and a pre-mounted cowl. Whether your flying style is low and slow old school 3D or fast and aggressive modern XA, the Yak-54 V2 will give you the confidence to perform at your best.

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