Xpwr T3520 Motor


מנוע Brushless עוצמתי מבית Extreme Flight

  • מיועד ל-"36 Electric Outlaw
  • מיועד לסטאפ Lipo 6S


קטגוריות: , מק"ט: XPWR-T3520



Weight: 220 g
KV: 900
Max Current: 100 amp
Prop shaft: 5 mm
Recommended prop: 9 x 7.5E or 9 x 9E on 6S
Electric props only

With over 2 years invested in research and development, testing and refinement, the new Xpwr motor line from Extreme Flight is the result of a long and arduous, but ultimately triumphant collaboration between Ben Fisher, Chris Hinson and our factory engineers in mainland China. Driven to develop a line of high quality, high performance electric motors to match the performance capabilities of our aircraft, Ben and Chris set out with the goal to deliver a product to appease even the most power hungry among us while maintaining quality, consistency and reliability.

An equally important goal established at the beginning of the project was to offer a well tested, complete "plug and play" power system to remove the mystery from adequately powering large scale aircraft. As such we are offering an integrated solution which includes motor, ESC, standoff package and propeller. These packages will get you in the air fast with solid, proven components that will deliver the kind of performance you've longed for. Plane/Motor/ESC combos with substantial savings are available.

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