AJ 103" Slick 540 – 10th Anniversary Edition


טיסן 35% למנועי 100-120 סמ”ק

  • תכנון של Andrew Jesky
  • מהדורת 10th Annivarsery מיוחדת
  • קל, מדוייק ואידאלי לתחרויות IMAC
  • חד ואגרסיבי בטיסות 3D
  • אבזור עשיר וסכמת צבעים יפהפייה
  • מבנה קבלר/קרבון קשיח
  • כולל תיקי בד מרופדים ואיכותיים

המלאי אזל

קטגוריות: , מק"ט: AJ 103" Slick 540 - 10th Anniversary Edition



  • Wing Span – 103"
  • Length – 100"
  • Height – 27"
  • AUW (dry) – 26-27 lbs.
  • Gas Power – 100cc to 120cc
  • Radio – 8 channel with 8 high torque servos (400 oz./in minimum) & 1 throttle servo
  • IMAC Legal!

What's in the box:

NEW – Carbon-Kevlar plywood construction!
NEW – Carbon-Kevlar reinforced landing gear mount!

NEW – Carbon-Kevlar reinforced firewall!
NEW – Durable, lightweight one piece cowl design!
NEW – Canopy complete with cockpit!
Pre-hinged, glued and sealed ailerons & elevators
High-quality embroidered cloth wing bags & stab bags
5" carbon fiber spinner pre-cut for two blade prop
Carbon fiber main landing gear
Carbon fiber main wing tube
Dual carbon fiber stab tubes
Removable horizontal stabs & rudder
G10 fiberglass control horns
Aluminum standoffs for gas engines
Full-length canister tunnel
Canister muffler mounts
Heavy duty foam wheels with aluminum hubs
Heavy duty steel axles
Heavy duty pre-drilled wheel pants
Pre-drilled & rubber lined landing gear cuffs
Firewall drilling templates for common engines
Pre-run rudder pull-pull wires
High quality ball links & turnbuckles for all connections
Extra hardware bag for spares
Velcro for fuel tank or battery restraint
All airframe components covered in genuine Ultracote (White HANU870, True Red HANU866, Midnight Blue HANU885, Cub Yellow HANU884)

AJ flies this airframe with the following equipment:

Desert Aircraft 120cc twin gas engine
Dual KS3086 Canister Mufflers with 90mm Drop Header
Falcon 28×10 propeller
Futaba S-9177 Servos
SpotOnRC V2 1.75" Servo Arms x (6)
SpotOnRC V2 3.5" Double Servo Arm x (2)
Powerbox Spark Switch

Also needed to complete:

(2) x 24" extensions for outer ailerons
(2) x 6" extensions for inner aileron
(4) x 6" extensions from receiver to each wing
(2) x 48" extensions for elevators
(2) x 36" extensions for push-pull rudder. None needed for pull-pull.
(2) x 24" extension for throttle servo and ignition
(6) x 1 3/4" servo arms for elevators & ailerons
(2) x 3 1/2" servo arm for rudder pull-pull or 2x 1 3/4" arm for push-pull

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