Extreme Flight 91" LASER-EXP – Traditional Red Scheme


טיסן 28% למנועי 60-70 סמ"ק.

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קטגוריות: , מק"ט: 347RW



Wingspan: 91 inches
Length: 91 inches (with spinner)
Weight: 19-21 pounds

Gas Power Sytem

50cc – 70cc Gas
Desert Aircraft DA-50, DA-60 and DA-70 (highly recommended)

Electric Power System

Xpwr 60cc electric motor
Castle Creations Edge HV-160 ESC
Electric beechwood electric propeller: 23 x 10, 24 x 10, 24 x 12


5 high torque, Metal gear servos (300+ oz. in.) on control surfaces. We recommend MKS HV777A+
1 standard servo on throttle, MKS HV1220 recommended

Radio System

Modern six channel, computer radio with channel mixing capability

Servo Arms

Qty. 2 – 2 inch Extreme Flight Servo Arms for elevator
Qty. 2 – 1.5 inch Extreme Flight Servo Arms for ailerons
Qty. 1 – 4 inchExtreme Flight Servo Arm for rudder
Qty. 1 – 1inch Extreme Flight Servo Arm for throttle

Servo Extensions

Qty. 2 – 12 inch 20 awg Extreme Flight Servo Extensions for ailerons, wing side
Qty. 2 – 6 inch 20 awg Extreme Flight Servo Extensions for ailerons, Rx side
Qty. 2 – 36-48 inch 20 awg Extreme Flight Servo Extensions for elevators (use 48" if removing stabs for transport)
Qty. 1 – 12-24 inch 20 awg Extreme Flight Servo Extensions for throttle or ESC

Ultracote Colors

Red Scheme: True Red, White, Gold
Red/White/Blue Scheme: Printed covering, replacement panels available as spare parts

Experience the evolution in 70cc aircraft design and performance! By far the most technologically advanced aircraft from Extreme Flight in this size, the new 91" Laser EXP is a marvel of modern construction techniques and unbridled aerobatic performance. The Laser EXP features ultra-modern interior construction with loads of carbon and G10 reinforcement that keeps the airframe light but rigid. Expert painted cowl and wheel pants in stunning automotive lacquer that match two awesome Ultracote (Oracover) color schemes. The Laser EXP is available in both the classic Leo Loudenslager scheme and a new modern printed scheme inspired by the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.

Designed around the DA-70 (with a built in pipe tunnel to accommodate tuned pipes and 2-into-1 header/canister setups), this engine fits inside the cowl with no relief cuts. The Xpwr 60 is THE solution for reliable, ballistic electric power in the Laser. The aircraft can also be powered very adequately with a strong running 60cc engine. We recommend the use of very strong, great centering metal gear servos to get the most from this airframe, our current favorite being the MKS 777A+.

The Laser EXP is quite possibly the best all around aerobat that we produce. It excels in old school low and slow 3D yet flies precision and XA as well as anything in our lineup. If you have shied away from the Laser thinking it is an old outdated design, think again! Extreme Flight has turned the Laser design into a modern fire breathing aerobatic masterpiece!

  • Huge oversized EXP control surfaces for maximum agility
  • Carbon fiber reinforced structure
  • Carbon fiber wing and stab tubes, landing gear and tailwheel assembly
  • Prebuilt cockpit with installed pilot and dashboard
  • Includes SFGs that are easily installed at the field
  • Premium hardware package included

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