RV-8 70CC FLS – Camouflage


טיסן סקייל 35% עפ"י ה-Van’s Aircraft RV-8

  • תוכנן ע"י Quique Somenzini – אלוף עולם ב-F3A ו-3d
  • משטחי היגוי גדולים לתמרונים אירובטיים בכל מהירות בקלות
  • מכלול זנב פריק לחלוטין להובלה נוחה וקלה
  • מיועד למנועי בנזין 70-76cc או סטאפ חשמלי


קטגוריות: , מק"ט: FPM2000B



Wingspan: 2540 mm
Length: 2288 mm
Length (w/out V-Fin/Rudder): 2108 mm
Gas Weight: 10.5 Kg
Electric Weight: 11.3 Kg (Potenza 65cc w/12S 6200mAh)
Engine/Motor Size: 60-70cc
Exhaust Recommendation (for DA-70): Slimline Stock Muffler Set
1 x MTW TDH 110 Canister w/KS 60mm Drop 2-to-1 Header
Servos Required: Minimum 7 for electric setups
Minimum 8 for gas setups Min. 200 oz./in. (14kg/cm) for ail, ele, flp
Min. 400 oz./in. (28kg/cm) for rudder

The RV-8 70cc FLS (FeatherLite Series) is a 35% scale model of the famous experimental Van’s Aircraft RV-8. Designer and World Champion Quique Somenzini has taken a completely new approach with the design of the RV-8 70cc FLS. A massive airframe, with over 2000 square inches (130 sq. dm.) of wing area, that comes in at 23 pounds (10.4 kg) flying weight, offers such an incredibly lightly loaded airframe, it feels like you are flying something lighter than air. Couple the extremely light wing loading with key design and geometric details from the master himself, and you get an aircraft that has a incredible flight envelope.

Along with the incredible airframe design of the RV-8 70cc FLS, it is also designed to accept multiple power systems, including 60cc electric setups that allow you to fly anywhere from 5 to 8 minutes on a typical 12S Li-Po setup! We also can’t forget about its float-ready airframe either! The optional RV-8 70cc FLS Float Set includes everything needed to get it on the water, and is also available to match your RV-8 70cc FLS’ colorscheme.

This is an airplane that you need to truly experience for yourself, and once you have, you’ll quickly add one to your hangar! From its insane stability at walking speeds with the flaps down, to classic 3D and precision aerobatic maneuvers, the RV-8 70cc FLS has the flight performance and versatility that is for every pilot, of virtually every skill level.


  • Huge wing area (over 2000 sq. in. or 130 sq. dm.) with a scant 23 pound (10.4 kg) flying weight. Thats like flying a 120cc aerobatic model at nearly two-thirds the weight!
  • Designed by F3A and 3D World Champion, Quique Somenzini
  • Massive control surfaces with large deflections for the utmost in maneuverabililty
  • Removable tail, including the vertical fin, allows the easy transport of the RV-8 70cc FLS in more compact vehicles
  • Electric-ready airframe allows most 65cc or similar electric motors to be installed without modification
  • Painted Carbon fiber landing gear included
  • Large canopy hatch for easy access to internal components

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