טיסן 3d דו כנפי 33%

  • תוכנן ע"י Quique Somenzini – אלוף עולם ב-F3A ו-3d
  • מיועד לביצועי 3d קיצוניים
  • מנגנון הרכבת כנפיים פשוט ומהיר
  • מייצבי גובה והגה כיוון פריקים, כן נסע קרבון ועוד
  • מיועד למנועי בנזין 70-76cc או סטאפ חשמלי


קטגוריות: , מק"ט: FPM2100



Length: 85.0 in. (2159 mm)
Wingspan: 73.0 in. (1854 mm)
Estimated Weight: 20 lbs (9.1 kg)
Recommended Engine Size 70cc to 76cc twin
Exhaust (for DA-70): Desert Aircraft Stock Muffler Set or
1 x MTW TDH 110 Canister with KS 60mm Drop 2-to-1 Header

The Flex Innovations Ultimate 70cc is a 33% scale model of Gord Price’s famous Ultimate 10-300. Starting with his Tournament of Champions (TOC) winning freestyle model, designer and World Champion Quique Somenzini has brought the Ultimate into the 21st Century. A large fuselage, short wings and airfoiled tail combine with a lightweight and strong laminated black fiber structure to take the Ultimate to a new, unprecedented level of performance.

The correct wing loading and absolute minimum control coupling are the key to great 3D and XA performance, and the Ultimate definitely excels in these areas. Not only does the Flex Innovations Ultimate 70cc excel in the air, but Quique also paid close attention to the scale shape to conserve the true lines and appearance of the full scale counterpart.

The Flex Innovations Ultimate 70cc is a natural performer and with the biplane design experience from Quique Somenzini, it’s a phenomenal airplane that excels in all facets of aerobatic flight.


  • 3D and XA (eXtreme Aerobatic) performance with minimum control coupling and scale appearance
  • Designed by F3A and 3D World Champion, Quique Somenzini
  • Plug in upper and lower wings with pinned inter-plane struts for easy storage and transportation
  • Removable horizontal stabilizers with elevator servos mounted in each stab for easy storage and transportation
  • Carbon fiber landing gear
  • Main Hatch and Auxiliary Forward hatch (under the top wing) require no tools and remove easily with a single latch
  • Laminated black fiber, fiberglass, plywood and balsa structure keeps the model lightweight, yet incredibly strong
  • Gigantic control surfaces for extreme 3D and XA performance
  • Wide, two-piece cowl offers plenty of room for twin 70cc engines
  • Pre-cut baffles for the DA-70 are included
  • Canister ready and mount supplied
  • Removable rudder with a single wire through the hinges saves space for transportation
  • Accepts gas engines from 60-70cc, or equivalent electric motors, like the Desert Aircraft DA-70, or the Potenza 65cc Brushless Motor
  • Custom G10 Control Horns for Optimized Throw and Precision
  • Painted Fiberglass Wheel Pants and Cowling
  • Factory-applied trim scheme

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