Freewing F/A-18C Hornet Blue Angels 90mm – PNP


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קטגוריות: , מק"ט: FJ31413P



Model Scale: 1:11 Scale
Wingspan: 1034mm
Length: 1500mm
Empty Weight: 2640g (w/o battery)
CG (Center of Gravity): 88mm (3.4") from the leading edge of the wing at the root
Power System: 6S 3748-1750Kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
Electronic Speed Control: 130A, EC5 Connector
Propeller / EDF: 90mm 9-Blade EDF
Servos: 9g digital hybrid gear standard with 200mm lead : left rudder, right rudder 

             9g digital hybrid gear standard with 300mm lead : left aileron, right aileron 
             9g digital hybrid gear reverse with 400mm lead : nose gear steering 
             9g metal gear standard with 200mm lead : left flap, right flap 
             23g metal gear standard with 100mm lead : left elevator 
             23g metal gear reverse with 100mm lead : right elevator 
Landing Gear: Electronic retractable main gear and steerable nose gear with all metal shock absorbing struts
Required Battery: 6S 22.2V 5000-6000mAh LiPo with EC5 connector (required)
Required Radio: 6 Channel (required)
Ailerons: Yes
Elevator: Yes
Rudder: Yes
Flaps: Yes
Lights: Yes
Hinge Type: Nylon Reinforced
Material: EPO Foam

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Build Time: 3-4 Hours
Recommended Environment: Outdoor

ver ten years ago, Freewing began developing their first American 90mm EDF, the F/A-18E Super Hornet. Made of EPS foam and sporting a plastic five blade fan, that model was one of the first 90mm PNPs to demonstrate Freewing’s dreams, and it set the stage for their evolution. Having partnered with us at Motion RC for the past seven years, we’ve all been humbly privileged to expand the Foam EDF Jet’s place in the RC hobby and earn the business of customers worldwide. Thank you for your continued feedback, excitement, and trust!

To celebrate Freewing’s Eleventh anniversary, we are proud to announce an all-new 90mm F/A-18C Hornet, complete with all the latest features common to modern era EDFs in our Super Scale series. Be sure to save a summer slot for the Freewing F/A-18C, the quintessential 90mm Hornet on the planet!

NEW! Now includes a powerful 3672-1900Kv inrunner motor
NEW! Full digital metal gear servos for elevators and flaps
NEW! Reinforced and improved elevator assembly process
This is not a V3, but a completely new design/variant from the ground-up
F/A-18C “Legacy”, the world’s first C variant 90mm PNP
Efficient and powerful 90mm 9-Blade EDF
6S 5000-6000mAh lipo can easily achieve 4-5+ minutes of managed flight time (see our video in the video tab above)
Manufactured with durable and quality EPO foam, not EPS
Complete screw-together assembly without the need for any glue
Scale outline, including open vents between the fuselage and intakes, and downward angled wingtip rails never before seen in a foam F-18
Completely concealed elevator servos and elevator control hardware for less drag and clean scale outline
Full coverage plastic undercarriage doors
Aluminum suspension undercarriage
Trailing link struts
Low visibility rudder servo placement
Low visibility flap servo placement and geometry
All-new plastic Fowler flap arm hinges to mimic those on the real F-18
Removable plastic-tipped magnetic nose cone
Removable wings with QD wing harness
LED lighting on nose strut, chines, and dorsal
Large battery bay for battery, MFCB, and gyro
Sharp and shallow panel lines in sensible areas without reducing overall scale effect
Pre-molded wing station to accept Freewing’s MWS plastic slot system (aftermarket pylons, ordnance, 3DP, Runcam, etc)
Quick Service servo plates on the wings and vertical stabilizers (screws, not glue)
Plastic lined coaming to resist bubbling under the canopy
Plastic tipped nosecone, capped intake lips and wingtip rails with pre-installed MWS slot
Plastic nozzles with two-tone metallic paint job
Blue Angels livery with factory-installed primary markings and un-installed tail number/BuNos
Model officially licensed by Northrop Grumman

Freewing F/A-18C Hornet Blue Angels High Performance 90mm EDF Jet – PNP
9-Blade EDF power system (installed)
3672-1900Kv inrunner brushless motor (installed)
130A ESC with EC5 connector (installed)
Electronic retractable landing gear (installed)
Servos, LED Lights (installed

6 Channel radio – minimum 7 channel radio 
6 Channel receiver –  minimum 7 channel receiver
6 Cell 22.2V 5000-6000 mAh LiPo battery with EC5 connector 
6 Cell compatible battery charger 

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