Freewing T-45 Goshawk – PNP


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קטגוריות: , מק"ט: FJ30711P


Wingspan: 1238mm / 48.7in
Length: 1435mm / 56.5inFlying
Weight: 4300g / 132.9oz
CG (Center of Gravity): See Instruction Manual
Power System: 4068-1680kV Brushless Outrunner Motor (PNP only)
Electronic Speed Control: 130A ESC, 8A UBEC, EC5 Connector (PNP only)
EDF: 90mm Metal Housing EDF with 12 Blade Fan (PNP only)
Servos: 9g metal gear standard with 550mm lead: Left airbrake, nose gear door, rear cabin door, nose steering
            9g metal gear reverse with 550mm lead: Right airbrake
            9g metal gear standard with 100mm lead: Rear cabin right
            9g metal gear reverse with 100mm lead: Rear cabin left
            17g metal gear standard with 550mm lead: Left aileron, right aileron
            17g metal gear standard with 300mm lead: Left flap
            17g metal gear reverse with 300mm lead: Right flap
            17g metal gear standard with 100mm lead: Left elevator, rudder
            17g metal gear reverse with 100mm lead: Right elevator
Landing Gear: CNC electric retracts with scale, shock-absorbing struts and main operation
Required Battery: 6S 22.2V 5000mAh (Required)
Required Radio: Minimum 7 Channel (required)
Ailerons: Yes
Elevator: Yes
Rudder: Yes
Flaps: Yes
Lights: Yes
Hinge: Type Nylon hinges
Material: EPO Foam
Skill Level: Advanced
Build Time: 2 Hours

The Freewing T-45 Goshawk Plus is a fully carrier-capable version of the British Aerospace Hawk Mk.60. It was developed as a jet flight trainer for the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps. The Goshawk's origins began in the mid-1970s, when the US Navy began looking for replacement for its T-2 and TA-4 trainers. British Aerospace and McDonnell Douglas proposed a version of the Hawk and were awarded the T-45 contract in 1981. The Goshawk first flew in 1988 and became operational in 1991. On 16 March 2007 the 200th airframe was delivered to the US Navy. The final delivery of the 221st aircraft took place in November 2009.

Many Radio Control models of the T-45 have been produced over the years, due to the aircraft's great looks and superb handling. After 150+ test flights, we believe this is the best foam RC PNP scale T-45 Goshawk in the world today. To stand apart from other T-45s from past manufacturers, this PNP model features many scale details and introduces newly designed plastic servo actuated speed brakes and plastic wormgear-driven slats. These slats are the first production release of a proper slat in a foam model of any size, and use aluminum tracks to ensure proper extension geometry. Other plastic details include a row of turbulators on the wings, exhaust nozzle, pitot tubes, antennas, arrestor hook, and cockpit parts. The sequenced landing gear utilize a four part nose door like the real T-45, and a three part main door assembly. The struts replicate the stance of the T-45, complete with long travel trailing link mains and a nose strut with tow bar and landing light. All control surfaces, lights, and doors are managed by a single junction board complete with quick disconnect wing harnesses, providing a very tidy cockpit. Say goodbye to unsightly jumbles of wires in your battery bay!

Intended as a "Scale Plus" flyer, the Freewing T-45 Goshawk excels in scale maneuvers and stability throughout its flight envelope. The Freewing T-45's climb rate, roll rate, top speed, and overall agility are virtually identical to the Freewing Stinger 90 jet. With speed brakes, flaps, and slats deployed, the T-45 can land at a slow jogging pace and is the most stable of all Freewing's large jets in the landing pattern. The T-45 cruises at 50% throttle and we measured an average top speed of 150Kph in level flight after a slight dive. With mixed throttle, a 6s 5000 mAh 25-50c battery gives 3-4 minutes of flight, like other Freewing 90mm jets. With its scale landing gear, lights, and other details, the Freewing 90mm T-45 Goshawk will be the gem of any RC pilot's foam jet fleet and offers pilots an easier flight experience than some of the other Freewing 90mm jets.


– Large scale electric ducted fan RC jet sporting an accurate livery
1- 2 Blade factory balanced EDF with metal housing combined with 4068-1680kV Brushless Outrunner Motor produces realistic jet turbine sound (PNP only)
– Composite fan blades combined with metal EDF housing ensure AMA compliance (the fan blades themselves are NOT metal, so there are no flying restrictions – PNP only)
– 130 Amp Hobbywing ESC with 8A UBEC (PNP only)
– Electric retracts with scale, shock-absorbing struts and main operation, CNC'd from 6061 aluminum and suitable for pavement or short grass
– Electric wormgear-driven Slats
– Servo operated Speed Brakes
– Sequenced gear doors provide added realism and reduced drag
– Integrated Junction Board to consolidate all wiring
– Removeable wings and flight surfaces, including a magnetic nose cone, for easy transport and compact storage
– Machine screws and brass threaded inserts are used to attach the wings for a secure fit and longevity
– Bright LED navigation lights for enhanced realism and dawn/dusk maneuvers
– Carbon fiber wing spars and reinforced body parts
– Upgraded pushrod clevis and metal ball head connectors on elevators provide a robust connection between servo and control surface and eliminate "slop"
– Nylon hinges on all control surfaces (superior to foam hinges)
– All electronics and components are pre-installed for your convenience. Just plug in your receiver and battery, and fly! (PNP only)


Minimum 7 Channel Radio
7-9 Channel Receiver
6 Cell 22.2V 5000 mAh
Lipo Battery Charger

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