Freewing Banshee 64mm Sport EDF Jet – PNP


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קטגוריות: , מק"ט: FJ11211P



Wingspan 900mm / 35.4in
Length: 950mm
Weight: 780g (without battery)
CG (Center of Gravity): 64mm from the leading edge of the wing root
Power System: 2840-2850Kv Outrunner Brushless Motor
Speed Control: 40A, internal SBEC with XT60 Connector
Propeller / EDF: 64mm 12-Blade EDF
9g digital standard gear with 300mm lead : left flap – MD31091-300
9g digital reverse gear with 300mm lead : right flap, nose steering – MD31091R-300
9g digital standard gear with 400mm lead : aileron – MD31091-400
9g digital standard gear with 600mm lead : rudder, left elevator – MD31091-600
9g digital reverse gear with 600mm lead : right elevator – MD31091R-600
Landing Gear: Fixed main landing gear, steerable nose gear.
Required Battery: 4S 14.8V 2200mAh with XT60 Connector
Required Radio: 6 Channel 2.4ghz radio
Ailerons: Yes
Elevator: Yes
Rudder: Yes
Flaps: Yes
Lights: No
Hinge Type: Nylon hinges on all control surfaces
Material: EPO Foam
Skill Level: Intermediate
Build Time: 1 Hour
Recommended Environment: Outdoors

Freewing Model Banshee electric RC jet is a new 64mm ducted aircraft built again after the Stinger 64 was launched for 12 years. In terms of appearance, the light and flat nose is perfectly combined with the streamlined body, making it stylish and concise. The fluorescent green theme color, with black and white mottled gradient style honeycomb pattern and gray lines, has a unique visual impact, which not only shows the personality, but also effectively enhances the recognition during the flight. In terms of structure, this product adopts a modular structure design, and the assembly of major components is completed through plastic structural parts and screws, which is easy to maintain and update accessories.
Through the summary of the use of previous products and the accumulation of design experience, the Wingspan of the Banshee is set as the captain respectively: 900mm / 950mm. Compared with the conventional 64-ducted products, the size has been increased to improve the flight quality of the product. The main wing adopts a leading edge sawtooth design layout, which further enhances the lateral stability of the product at low speed and elevation attitude. In the process of research and development, repeated testing of various parameters, as well as multiple optimizations and modifications, made the Banshee meet the performance that a basic sports machine should have. The PNP version of Banshee is pre-installed with a 4S 14.8V 64mm12-blade out-runner power system, which is full of power and has an average speed of 152KPH (95MPH). During the take-off, the directional stability is good, and the roll distance is about 20 meters. During the flight, the action responds quickly, and the operation process is soft and linear.
Under the same conditions, during the horizontal turn, the altitude loss is small. In the case of mastering the essentials of relevant flying movements, Banshee can easily complete common easy and difficult movements including "'side flying'1. The fixed landing gear made of D3mm diameter carbon steel is simple and durable. During the landing process, the landing gear has an appropriate degree of softness and hardness. With a little practice and adaptation, the bouncing phenomenon during the landing process can be reduced or even avoided, and the landing gear can smoothly land and glide.

40A Brushless(Thrust Reverse function) Ducted Electronic Speed Control has reverse thrust functionality
Ailerons and elevators are joined by 8 units servos for a flying delta configuration
Comes with 64mm 12-Blade EDF with 2840-2850KV outrunner Brushless Motor
Li-Po Battery:4S 2200-2600mAh
Landing gear:Fixed landing gear
8x 9g digital gear servos come pre-installed

Freewing Banshee 64mm Sport 4S EDF Jet PNP RC AirplaneP
Servos, motor, fan unit and ESC are all pre-installed

6 Channel Radio – Select a minimum 6 channel radio
6 Channel Receiver – Select a minimum 6 channel receiver
4 Cell Li-Po Battery:4S 2200-2600mAh
4 Cell Compatible Battery Charger

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